The aim of project developers is to create a small and modern building complex with multiple residential housing buildings, which would combine the historical and contemporary construction in the historical center of Ventspils - Old town.

The intended location of the new building complex is within a close reach from the Port street’s promenade, therefore the construction size will create an important ensemble of Ventspils’ historical center. An optimal solution in the eyes of developers, is a united and harmonized historical and planned construction complex, at the same time supporting the visual differences of the new project, assigning contemporary characteristics to the old town.

 Multiple buildings - two of them with a renovated historical facade 

 Parking lot in the courtyard 

 Contemporary infrastructure 

Project developers expect durable architectural solutions with modern and sustainable technologies, that would set the residential housing complex as a good example for future projects in the old town.

Project facts:

Multiple buildings (two of them with a renovated historical facade), parking lot in the courtyard, contemporary infrastructure

The complete size for the plot of land in Ūdens street 6, Ventspils - 4155 sq.m.

Complete area of buildings – approximately 3650 sq.m.

Amount of apartments  – approximately 38 units

Floor count – Three floors with a floor built in the roof (mansard),  respecting the regulations within the Ventspils city’s binding territory utilization and construction restrictions on the allowed height of the building..

Amount of parking spaces – approximately 68 units.

Connections to the city's cummunications

The project is expected to be built in one layer. 

Ventspils' Palace

Ostas 23


Cinema 'Rio'



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