The aim of project developers is to create a small and modern building complex with multiple residential housing buildings, which would combine the historical and contemporary construction in the historical center of Ventspils - Old town.

The intended location of the new building complex is within a close reach from the Port street’s promenade, therefore the construction size will create an important ensemble of Ventspils’ historical center. An optimal solution in the eyes of developers, is a united and harmonized historical and planned construction complex, at the same time supporting the visual differences of the new project, assigning contemporary characteristics to the old town.

Property description:

The apartment complex is inspired by the testimonies of the old port city and the decorated materials influenced by the harsh environment, which serves the architect's team for inspiration for the project.

Historical brick walls, old wooden decks, oil containers and tanks littered in the air – all of them are heavily covered relics interpreted in the project.

In order to make the building as compact as possible, the whole building complex is designed as one building, with a single axle system, common ceiling levels and united underground.

Due to the character of the historic center, the height of the building is tied to the height of the old city buildings.
In order to maintain a sense of many individual buildings and to adapt to old city scales, the building is visually divided into staircases formed in deepened niches.

To increase the value of the building, last floor is designed with a wide terraces, thus obtaining full-height apartments with panoramic views and perfect view outdoor terraces.

In order to get feeling of the historical view, the facades of both historic buildings (Nr. 6 and 8) of Ūdens Street are being rebuilt in accordance with the existing surveys of buildings.

Particular attention is paid to accessibility issues in the project - on the yard side, the natural boundary terrain of the land plot is used in a way where any part of the building can be accessed by ramps. On other side, staircases are located near the street, which resolves easy access from any street level entrance.

The layout of first floor of the building on the Ostas Street promenade is designed to be easy transformed from studio-type apartments to commercial premises and vice versa.

Facade Materials

Facades - high-quality concrete panel system. Windows - triple-glazed windows, window structures especially resistant to wind pressure. Roof - dark gray painted zinc bands. Balcony, terraces cover - wooden plank deck.

Staircases and elevators

Wide and light staircases with space for prams and bicycles are planned in the project. Quite elevators in each stairway will provide easy access to all floors.

Apartment's design and decoration

The apartments are designed within “open plan” concept providing a kitchen area combined with a living room.
The range of interior materials are light and lightweight with a high proportion of natural materials, - all inspired by new projects from the Nordic port cities.

Heating and energy efficienecy

It is planned to use centralized city heating networks. Expected energy consumption is up to 50 kWh/sq.m. yearly.

Water supply and sewerage

It is planned to use city centralized networks. Each apartment will be provided with digital counters


Particular attention is paid to air exchange system- the inflow of air is filtered and its volume can be adjusted according to the wishes of each owner.

In order to avoid any impact of ventilation on neighbors, a separate air duct has been built for each apartment and sanitary unit in each apartment.


In order to provide the owners of apartments with maximum comfort, the apartments will have well-thought out planning and sufficient sockets amount, switches and electrical outlets for luminaires.

Each apartment will be provided with digital counter via internet access. At the underground parking and in the courtyard, the opportunity to create charging places for electric cars will be provided.

In-house environment

To create high quality community space there a beautiful garden in the yard with  benches, kids' playground and bicycle storage.

The number of trees is planned to double, saving all existing trees and planting new ones.

Regards to green walls and plants car parking places will be separated from the yard's recreation area.


A video surveillance system will be installed in the territory of the building

All areas will be equipped with heat and smoke detectors, which will provide an alarm in emergency case. All the apartments will have an autonomous smoke detector alarm system.

Owners of apartments will be able to use video access system that will be installed at the entrance of gate and the buildings.

Technical data

Total space of building (sq.m.)


Number of floors

3 + mansard

Total space of apartments (including balconies and terraces) sq.m.




Car parking lots


Places for bicycles


Guest house 'Zitari'

Ventspils' Palace

Ostas 23

Cinema 'Rio'




Windau Coffee

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